Long Time No See….

What a year 2020 has been so far!

Every month something new!

Our life has been much the same, but there has been progress in some big things.

Like, we now have four grandchildren:  two granddaughters, two grandsons! And they are the cutest things! ❤


We have very “party” birthday parties… Here are four daughters, one son and two grandchildren having a birthday party for the 3yo. She had a Noah’s ark birthday cake with rainbows on the napkins. 🙂

We have also made some headway on the new building….


The east end of the building has two doors and two windows. The west end has one door and a cross window made out of clear glass blocks. We love how that window turned out, it made our neighbors ask if it was going to be a church! We are so happy that they liked having that cross there! Lots of friends turned out to help us frame the inside and my husband did the front door cedar surround.  I’m excited that we may be able to use this someday soon.  Family birthday parties will certainly be easier and have more room to spread out! ❤

My family is well and I hope yours is too.


Metal Building Haz Boltz!!

A building comes together


The intrepid young men on the high scaffolding.

Metal Buildings have boxes and boxes of bolts and nuts!!



A Lift machine made the job sooooooo much easier. A Mom is grateful.



It’s all done but the decorating…. well maybe not, but it’s much closer! We are thankful that no one was injured during the metal part of the project. There is still some high work to do but it’s getting there.



Projects, Anniversary and Christmas blessings!!

First of all, the project is going ahead. We have the cement in (after what seemed like months of rain….!) Then the metal for the building shell came and got stacked at the work site. Now parts are starting to get put together.


Then…. R and I had our 36th wedding anniversary just before Christmas!!  We went out for a special dinner and look who we found?


He was actually very good company and kept his comments to himself. 🙂

Then we celebrated Christmas….


Behold, I am doing a new thing, now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will

make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.      Isaiah 43:19

Merry Christmas and God’s blessings to you all! ❤

Moving dirt and …other things. :)


We have a new project…


There has been a lot of “dirt moving”… and some supplies stacked up…



This crew did a great job getting that metal to the building site!



This ladybug thought she was going to go home with me

but I put her on a pear tree so she could go home safely.

We are all pretty busy…


Hannah and Holly are being busy sisters…


And  their cousin, Teddy, is learning to eat properly… 🙂


Growing and Going!


I know my friends have been wondering about my growing family. 🙂

My grandchildren have grown. Recently they took pictures for Father’s Day. This is Hannah and Teddy. Hannah is 15mo and Teddy is 7mo. Because of Teddy’s very “focused” eating habits, he is almost the same size as his cousin! lol



Hannah has a new sister, Holly. Holly came too early and has been biding her time at the NICU.  She is a cutie and getting bigger. Pretty soon she will be at home and her big sister is having a hard time waiting. ❤



While I’m waiting for Holly to come home, I’ve been playing table tennis. There was a tournament recently. It was huge! 276 tables, 4000+ players and 86 countries represented.  I played singles and doubles. This is me with my doubles partner, Dorit. She is a famous racewalker on the side. 🙂 You can read about her at that link!


So that is a little of my world. How are you all?


Baby Games Continued…

So we had a Grandson born in December.  Here he is:

meet Teddy….




His cousin Hannah is starting to get mobile…

I’m still learning how to be a good grandmother. 🙂

It’s a steep curve I’ll tell you!! ❤

Blessings!  Rhonda

News and other things

This Just In….

Weddings are over for the season….

Many people would say ONE wedding was a lot for one year, but WE had THREE weddings in a year and a half.   That averaged to one wedding each 6 months!!!  OK, I am starting to breathe again but just barely.  There have been other happenings along the way, let me tell you about some of those.

Let the Baby Games Begin

One of those “happenings” was a new granddaughter, Hannah. She is 7 months old now and still “breaking in” us new grandparents. 🙂  Dark hair and brown eyes and loves to growl at her toys.


We are expecting another grandchild in December and this one is a grandson.  It’s very exciting around our house since they live in town. So, Lord willing, we will have two grandbabies  around at Christmas this year.



In Other News…

I am competing in Table Tennis tournaments now. I bet you didn’t know that grandmas’ can do that sort of thing! lol I even won second place in my division at one of them.  If you want to see some Professional Table Tennis matches (what I am trying to learn) go to https://tv.ittf.com and enjoy! You may have to setup an account to watch, but it’s free. These are some of the rewards of competing… there may be other rewards:



Still working on my BSEE…  I have a research paper to finish writing and the citations are giving me all sorts of headaches. I know it will be a good and useful paper when I finish it…. if I ever do.  It gets turned in this December so only a few weeks left.  Do you count the number of shopping days until Christmas? I count the number of Table Tennis evenings… six TT evenings left until Christmas!!!

Happy November to all of you!